These equipment reviews are simply just my real-world experiences with the equipment. I have no affiliation with the makers of the equipment.

5D ii

9.5 years and still going... (click button below to go to review)


I do not own this camera but have used it side-by-side with the Mark II:


Awesome autofocus... until it started backfocusing

This film SLR used to be wickedly good, it just had one minor glitch, but then with age it somehow got a major glitch and is no longer so wicked. The minor glitch was that the 2 second timer was for some reason programmed in as a 2 second shutter speed. Random, but not a big issue. The major glitch was that, after not being used for a white, in 2017, the autofocus was suddenly back-focussing regardless of distance, aperture, or lens used. That was a shame because the autofocus was my favourite thing about this camera. 

Speaking of autofocus, this thing had a 61-point autofocus system and Eye-Focus control, which actually worked! You look at an object through the viewfinder and the lens would focus on that object. It was excellent, why is this still not on digital cameras? (That being said, the touch-focus on new cameras may make this irrelevant now...)


I used to own the mark I version of this compact camera. It was an excellent camera for use in the field and it was by far the best compact camera I ever owned.

The mark V version of this camera is crazy good - you can buy a waterproof housing and shoot 4K underwater! 

Sony a7rii and a7iii

Early 2017:

Considered by Jason Lanier to be the greatest camera ever made. And I agree. I have only used this briefly but the specs blow everything else out of the water. If Sony gave this camera a better menu system and larger batteries it would be close to perfect. The vertical grip helps with the battery issue though. 

March 2018 Update:

Sony has now released the a7III, and it is by far the best value for money one can buy as far as full-frame (24mm x 36mm sensor) digital cameras. Like other Sonys, it is mirrorless, not an SLR. Sony has improved the controls on the a7III (in comparison with the a7rII). 

Most photographers have a hard time deciding which is the better camera between the a7III and the best SRL ever made - the Nikon D850. And the a7III is close to half the price of the Nikon. The resolution is also close to half, but for most purposes, having more than 24 MP is irrelevant. Today is the day when SLRs no longer have an advantage over mirrorless. As of right now, the Nikon still has better weather sealing, but it will be interesting to see what the a7SIII is like. Will it have weather sealing on the bottom plate, and an XLR mic input?