June 2019 - Wedding at Botanical Gardens and Alberta Beach

We (James and David) had so much fun photographing this wonderful wedding in beautiful locations including the University of Alberta Botanical Gardens! Overall, it was a really great day. The ceremony venue was an outdoor shelter, open on four sides so we were able to get lots of different angles without getting in anyone’s way. The Officiator told us she didn’t even notice we were there, so we are glad to hear that we were able to get such great shots without intruding on the ceremony at all.

2019 Spring Mini-Sessions (booking now!)

Family group portraits, 15-minute outdoor session, digital files of 10 photos (large resolution). $150. Only within Calgary, Okotoks, High River.

Fall 2018 - Family time

Yes, the last part of the year is when we all start focussing on family again. The mother of this family was organized! Getting family photos with plenty of time to spare for Christmas - and what a great idea to get the Christmas photos done while we still have the pretty autumn leaves on the trees. This family was a pleasure to work with …it wasn’t work really, just smiles all round, I took a few photos and then we caught up over lunch! That’s Carburn Park by the way - there’s so many great natural backdrops around Calgary. There’s a few that I haven’t tried out yet for family photos which I look forward to checking out in Summer 2019.

Fall 2018 - Maternity and Newborn

This wonderful family made shooting a breeze. I have worked with these clients in the past and I always look forward to working with them, and visiting with them. Days like this make family photography truly a dream job!

June 2018 - Summer in the park

This photo says it all. I love doing outdoor portrait sessions, and I get to meet lots of great Calgary families all the time!


May 2018 - Newborn!

This little beauty is only 10 days old. Welcome to the world! And what a wonderful family and home atmosphere to be born into! In this case, the plan was casual with no outside props - just the family at home with the new baby. I feel so lucky to be able to share these special moments since I'm sure not everyone gets the opportunity to see babies, such as Anna, at just 10 days old! On days like this, I am honoured to have this job. I take what I know about lighting and composition and apply it to capture those special moments in the life of a family.



April 2018 - Casual Maternity

I enjoyed a lovely day both indoors and outdoors with this wonderful family, capturing natural moments with a family so clearly full of love and joy!


March 2018 - Tips for New Photographers

March 2018 - Tips for New Photographers

Often, people ask me questions about the SLR they just bought or have had for a long time but haven't used much; or they ask me which camera and lens they should buy. To help new photographers, I decided to make a page that lists my main pointers  - check it out! (In my main navigation, at the top, there is a new page: "Tips for Novices and Equipment Reviews").



June 2017 - Owen Sound Wedding

This wedding was an amazing day, beautiful weather in Owen Sound, and I couldn't be happier for the bride and groom - they are just so perfect together! It was an honour to be there for them at this beautiful little picturesque wedding on the edge of Georgian Bay. I got up at 5:30am to shoot some photos of a local family of Canadian geese with the wedding gazebo as a backdrop. And we had fun creating some original compositions of the bride, groom, and bouquet,  meanwhile harp music played in the background! As a bonus I got to get some shots in at dinner the day before the wedding with many of the wedding party in attendance, and I relished my opportunity to get some iconic group shots of the groom's family the day after the wedding at a family BBQ. Overall, this was a memorable trip to the beautiful Owen Sound, and a lovely summer adventure in the Ontario countryside! Congratulations to Dana and Jon!

May 2017 - Model shoot

Kicking his career into high gear! For this shoot, we had natural window light to the left. The stronger main light is a flash in a shoot-through umbrella just out of the frame to the right. White backdrop.

January 2017

Impromptu family portrait session with some friends!  :)

Happy New Year for 2017!

Capturing the last sunrise of 2016 with James Davidson (www.davidsonphoto.ca), in Banff, where I met Explore Capture Repeat (www.explorecapturerepeat.com). 

December 2016

Don, a member of our network of photographers here at David's Portraits, had a blast photographing this wonderful family group for a Christmas get-together!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! From www.sweetcalgaryportraits.com and www.davidsonphoto.ca


Sharing special moments with special families! #sweetcalgaryportraits #familyportraits

Mid November - Newborn!

What a beautiful little baby! And an awesome family - I'm really happy to have the honor of capturing this special time. Congrats to Melissa and Raiz!

Late October - Adoption!

I'm really excited for this wonderful family to have a new daughter/sister! There is sooooo much love already, so cute when the kids hold hands!