Film... in 2017?

I still find there are some uses for film, the main one being that I am willing to take my film camera into intense weather and engine vibration (such as on a 10-hour ATV ride on a rainy day). Note: I can't recommend you do the crazy stuff I do, your camera might not survive. My camera is so old, I'm not concerned.


Kodak 400 Tmax (black and white)

...I will let you know.


ILFORD 3200 Delta Professional (black and white)

My most commonly used film due to the ISO and the latitude (flexibility) of the ISO. This film is grainy but the grain looks decent, and the contrast is punchy and excellent.


XP2 Super 400

The contrast is not very punchy, but this is a convenient film as it is C41 process. And the grain looks decent. Scan it into Lightroom and boost the contrast.


ILFORD 100 Professional (black and white)

Great contrast and detail! This is my favourite if I have enough light.